Meet Our Team

Our Team is a moveable feast of soul!

We work together as a soul tribe to support each other and our spiritual community, because we believe in the work that Alana is creating to help humanity. We have experienced the beauty of this in own lives and want to share it with the world, using our gifts and talents.

We have mixed backgrounds from corporate to caring professions, PHD to passionate self-taught spiritual nerds and wild souls ever open to what Spirit will cook up next. We care for our community members as the precious souls that they are, and help Alana take care of her of her inspired, eccentric soul so we can keep the light, love and healing flowing for the spiritual benefit of all beings. 

Meet Alana

These training programs have been developed by creative visionary Alana Fairchild. Her extensive and diverse body of highly original work includes best-selling oracle decks, books, journals, meditations, music and more. Alana is known for her expressive, free-flowing style of communication, warmth and sense of humour. Extremely creative, driven and unconventional, Alana has a genuine passion for helping others find freedom, joy and healing. Alana has degrees in arts and law, and explored training in astrology, psychotherapy, dance, music, singing, energetic healing, meditation and more. Her work is translated into numerous languages, selling over quarter of a million oracle decks in English alone. She is her own person and her work reflects this, deeply inspired by her authentic divine connection.

Meet Jo

Our Practice Angel Dr Jo Boney is the assessment and mentor coordinator for online training and you’ll hear her and Alana talking, and laughing, on the MP3s through the training course. Jo has been mentored by Alana on a monthly basis for more than fifteen years, and attended many of Alana’s workshops and spiritual groups, assisting Alana at an advanced level over the last several years. Jo is a powerful and subtle healer with a tremendous compassion and divine connection, with a professional background in nursing, healing and teaching. Jo has a masters degree and PHD, as well as experience as Associate Dean managing international students and postgraduate programs at university level. She has sat on the boards of various organisations and assists a great number of people release fear and return to love through her gentle spiritual presence.  You'll meet Jo as Practice Angel in our online training community to support your experiences with the healing practices in The Kuan Yin Transmission ™. To contact our practice angel you can email [email protected]

Meet Laura

Laura, our training angel, comes from a background of life purpose coaching, crystal and energy healing and intuitive card readings.

She is passionate about assisting people to uncover and nurture their unique soul gifts and to shine their light in the world.

Laura answers any training related queries and runs our global healing chain community events. You’ll connect with her in the community forums, live zooms and during assessments.

To contact Laura please email

[email protected]

Meet Rena

Rena Dumas, our support angel, is passionate about your healing journey and helping you infuse joy on your path. Her background in dance brings the added support of the goddess energy amplifying your ability to manifest your heart's desires and express your authentic truth. 
She answers any inquiries you may have regarding support you may need on our spiritual journey with Alana's modalities. You can also find her dancing on the inner realms dance floor of Alana's communities. 
To contact Rena please email: 

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