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Soul Healing with Energy, Voice, Light and Wisdom
Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level Energy Healing Training

This intermediate level energy healing training course is by invitation only. Once you’ve been invited, please join us and joyfully experience this 16-week immersive energy healing course as we journey towards the sacred tantra of uniting masculine and feminine energy in the soul.

Next intake begins 1st August 2022 by invitation only. Prerequisites: Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program or the full year of Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™.

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Welcome to Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate


The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Program is an energy healing program named after Saraswati—the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom. She gracefully flies upon a celestial bird, with her mala prayer beads and divine musical instrument, weaving magic, sound and blessings through our Universe.   


In this modality we connect with the potency of Saraswati through voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals to generate powerful divine energy fields dedicated to healing and liberation for the greater good. We work for self-healing and for the benefit of all beings, including our beautiful planet.


Invitation-Only Training Program


The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate program is not a beginner's practice. This course is only open to those who have completed the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program, or the full year of the former training program, Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™. These programs will have prepared you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to move on to the next level of exploration and practice.


If you meet these prerequisites, you are warmly invited to join us in this beautiful energy healing training. 

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Course Details

  • Energy healing course
  • 16 weeks
  • 4 modules
  • Each module takes one month to complete with a commitment of approximately four to six hours per week
  • Mix of videos, MP3s, reading materials and practical application
  • Cost USD $1888, plus annual graduate membership of USD $188 which includes optional practitioner license upon meeting conditions
  • Enrollments open the first Monday in March and August annually.
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"Welcome to the next level of your personal and professional journey."

Who is Alana?

Alana Fairchild is a spiritual thought-leader, highly-regarded worldwide. She is also that rare teacher who lovingly guides others from places and experiences learned during her personal journey to spiritual authenticity.

In this energy healing training, she draws from her own experiences, encouraging you to integrate and embody the journey, in recognition that you can be a significant light in our world. Together you can build upon the divine connection to self and the enlightened divine beings that you began in the Foundations training. Alana will teach you how to go deeper, challenging you to truly see, love and honour yourself while expanding your spiritual capacity for energy healing through additional templates and advanced deity practices.

Alana is has created over 22 oracle decks, multiple deep-learning courses, 13 books, 30 albums of music and meditation and is translated into 11 languages, but it’s her pure heart and free-spirited presence that generates spiritual healing and incomparable heart opening. We feel that Alana’s Saraswati Healing™ intermediate training can help you experience your own soul in a way not previously possible.

"This is about how you live and the freedom to love, be and express who you really are, in such a way that eery being benefits from your joyful awakening."

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Are You Divinely Attracted to Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Program?

Saraswati Healing ™ intermediate training supports you with practical, effective tools to help you fulfil your spiritual purpose as a light and a source of wisdom and healing in our world. While you may do this in many ways, this training has been created to guide you through a process of soul tantra, empowering you to deal with what is happening in the human collective, and what shall continue to be required to support human evolution as we shift into the new era.
We do this through the development of divine feminine presence capable of conscious engagement with divine masculine energy. We work towards integration—the challenge of it, but also the joy and playfulness of it—in order to be steady, strong and clear in who we are, what we are about and what our purpose is on this planet.

Join Us for Divine Energy Healing

There are certain souls that were born to spearhead spiritual evolution in this realm, and those drawn to this modality are part of that group. We want you empowered, confident, inspired and informed as to what is required and what the challenges may be, as well as how to deal with them. Intermediate training is focused on securing the wisdom within you and clarifying the path to applying it for the greater good.

You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will be attracted to it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, we believe there is a divine reason behind that.

We encourage you to trust in that intuition.

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Discover Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Training

Four energy-healing modules to further your journey.

The Four Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Modules

The 16-week immersive intermediate training is presented in four modules. Each module is synchronised with four different oracle decks, four unique templates and additional advanced practices integrated into the modules. Each module takes one month to complete, leading to an intensive four-month immersion program. 


During this energy healing program, you will have the incredible opportunity to be embraced by Alana’s loving energy and spiritual guidance. We believe that the Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate course will strengthen your soul and attune you to the sacredness and divine potential of your humanity to guide you to understand and trust in how to live as a divine human being. 


This is our spiritual task—to honour the ordinariness and the incredible specialness of who we are, and what we have come to this planet to be and to share.

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Beloved, here’s a peek at the transformational energy healing magic that can flow from Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate training.

You are invited to consider this incredible transformative journey. Join us.
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Your Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Training Investment

Your 16-week transformational Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate training program costs USD $1888. Payment plans are available for USD $472 per month. 

There is an additional annual community membership payment of USD $188, which will include your practitioner license, if you are choosing to practice professionally and meet the required conditions. 

Each module is also supported by carefully-selected meditations and an album of Alana’s music, which are available via downloads. These curated tools will vitalise your practice and enrich your experience of the modality and your soul healing journey. 

Finally, as part of each module, you will need to purchase some additional materials which will serve as your professional tool kit for the practices. To see information on the required items, refer to each module.

Course Outline

Welcome to Our Vibrant, Loving Community of the Sacred

As a participant in the intermediate course, you will find membership in our Community of the Sacred supportive of your learning. In our community forum there is space to discuss and share your experiences not only with fellow trainees in the program, but also with other graduate members. We believe that your journey through the course will bring benefits not only to you individually, but also to our greater community, and to our planet.   The forum is not a substitute for professional mentoring but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love.


One-On-One Mentoring

From time to time we may suggest that you seek out personal one-on-one mentoring with one of our team of recognised mentors who have completed the training or with a professional healer of your own choosing, to support you with the healing process that the training tends to stimulate within.

Blessings from past students of Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate training program.

We believe that Saraswati Healing™ can empower you profoundly. With the completion of the Foundations program, you have already begun the transformation process. Now you can continue the work to become more of who you came here to be. We believe you can learn to harness divine energy healing and become more capable of shining your inner light for yourself and for others. And you’ll be able to work with further divine beings under the wisdom and guidance channelled through Alana’s heart..

What’s Next?


Upon successful completion of the intermediate training program, you become something of an elder in our Community of the Sacred. You may choose to be a professional practitioner of the method or prefer to practice the modality for self-healing and with those that are working towards healing our planet through our vibrant community practices, such as our Global Healing Chains and other group offerings. In these offerings, members of the community can choose to work together to create light and healing on Earth and beyond.  

As an elder you may wish to explore ways that you can support the community through holding space, or participating in group discussions that will be added to our rich Community Resource Library for community members. You also become eligible for advanced training options.  

The graduate community members have access to an in-depth community library of materials provided by Alana, including numerous additional recordings by Alana and Dr Jo answering the questions from participants in the program through the years. Also included are extra supportive teachings, prayers and practices provided by Alana and Higher Guidance especially for the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your heart saying yes?


When the course is calling your soul, you’ll feel it in your heart and we warmly invite you to join us. Together we will journey deeply into divine awakening for the highest good.



"Sowing the seeds of great souls, because that is what the sacred ecosystem of humanity needs"

- Alana Fairchild


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