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Saraswati Healing Intermediate level training focuses on soul empowerment, grounding into embodiment and what it truly means to live as a divine human, honouring your tremendous spiritual potential and respecting the sacredness of the unique human soul journey.

Sacred Masculine

Soul Tantra 


We begin with exploration of the divine feminine, readying the soul to receive the divine masculine energies, celebrating their value and incredible usefulness and blessing, and then journey towards the sacred tantra of uniting masculine and feminine energy in the soul. 



Honouring Our Beloved Saraswati


Saraswati Healing is named after the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom - Saraswati. She gracefully flies upon a celestial bird, wearing her mala prayer beads and divine musical instrument, weaving magic, music and blessings through our Universe.   


In this modality we connect with the potency of Saraswati utilising voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals to generate powerful divine energy fields dedicated to healing and liberation for the greater good. We work for self healing and for the benefit of all beings, including our beautiful planet.


Welcome to Intermediate Saraswati Healing ™


Saraswati Healing™ intermediate level guides you to the next level personally, and as a practitioner, also professionally. You are encouraged to integrate and embody the journey, in recognition that you are a light in our world. Building upon the divine connection to Self and the Enlightened Divine Beings that you initiated in Foundations training, we are ready to go deeper, challenging you to truly see, love and honour yourself whilst expanding your spiritual capacity for working with energy through advanced integrative deity practices. 


Invitation-Only Training Program


The intermediate level is not a beginner's practice. This course is only open to those who have completed the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program, or the full year of the former training program, Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™. These programs will have prepared you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to move on to the next level of exploration and practice. To participate in the intermediate training, you must have completed the above pre-requisites. Provided this is the case, you are warmly invited to email us at [email protected] to receive your invitation with a private link to join the training. 


Training for the Soul's Purpose in Supporting Human Evolution


Saraswati Healing ™ is a divine process to awaken your soul and to support you with practical, effective tools to fulfil your spiritual purpose as a light and a source of wisdom and healing in our world. You may do this in many ways. This modality, and the intermediate training in particular, has been created to guide you through a process of soul tantra, empowering you to deal with what is happening in the human collective, and what shall continue to be required to support human evolution as we shift into the new era.


The development of divine feminine presence, supported, and integrated, and healed to the extent necessary is our first focal point. We then open to receive the divine masculine with the gifts that this energy provides. Finally we work to integration - the challenge of it, but also the joy and playfulness of it - in order to be steady, strong and clear in who we are, what we are about, and what our purpose is on this planet (even whilst each one of us will express that common purpose in own our unique ways). 


There are certain souls that were born to spearhead spiritual evolution in this realm, and those drawn to this modality are part of that group. We want you empowered, confident, inspired and informed as to what is required and what the challenges may be, as well as how to deal with them. Intermediate training is focused on securing the wisdom within you and clarifying the path to applying it for the greater good. 


The world needs you to shine your light!


We believe you have come to this planet with special work to do according to your own unique gifts and soul talents. The training helps you strengthen the resonance of your true self, clarifying the path for authentic expression of your soul for the spiritual benefit of all beings. You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will just want to do it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, we believe that there is a divine reason for that. We encourage you to trust in that intuition.



When your heart speaks, listen.


You have the inner light to shine bright.



Structure of the Training Program 


The Intermediate Training Program for Saraswati Healing™ synchronises four new modules - with four different oracle decks, four graduate-level templates and various new advanced practices integrated into the intermediate level modules.  Each module takes one month to complete, leading to an intensive four month immersion program. 


The cost of the training is USD1,888 and payment plans are available. Additional costs for this course are extra materials and your annual graduate membership of USD188 (which provides you with access to the forum and resource library for the duration of one year from date of purchase. A list of additional materials required is in the Course Overview PDF which can be downloaded below.  As noted above, this program is for graduates and entrance into the course is by invitation-only. To receive your invitation, please email our team at [email protected] 


The training has been created to strengthen your soul and attune you to the sacredness and divine potential of your humanity. To be human is a very particular and precious soul path. It holds a profound mystery that is both challenging and a gift. To understand and trust in how to live as a divine human is our spiritual task, honouring the ordinariness and the specialness of who we are, and what we have come to this planet to be and share.


Module One - Enlightened Participation


In the first module we dive deep into the mystery of the soul journey, including dealing with negativities and toxic energies. How does one maintain grace, openness and strength, whilst cultivating wisdom and discernment on the path? These are the teachings of the goddess Isis and in this first module, it is the goddess Isis template, including the advanced group practice of the Alchemical Triangulation template. 


Within the Isis template there is integrative deity practice with Isis, Horus, Sekhmet and Bastet. You can hear Alana and Dr Jo speak about what Enlightened Participation means in terms of the human soul journey, how one cultivates sacredness without abandoning the essential ordinariness of life, the need for spiritual strength and the importance of radical acceptance, combined with active surrender to facilitate co-creation of your soul path and purpose. We also discuss trust vs submission, choice and synchronicity and touch upon the Horus mysteries which manifest in everyday toxic patterns of pathological narcissism which can only be overcome through integration of boundaries and discernment, in protective affirmation of human goodness. 


The Isis Template is a favourite amongst practitioners and it tunes into the heart of what attracted your soul to Saraswati Healing™ - the key elements of divine higher consciousness, sacred ritual, energy work and powerful soul healing.


Module Two - Deepening Truth


In Module Two we  journey into the final preparation of divine feminine consciousness to ready ourselves for the connection with the sacred masculine in the following module. Here we explore the divine feminine archetype of the priestess, and the realm of shamanic healing. 


Alana and Dr Jo talk about the nature of soul, the importance of the divine feminine intelligence of the heart in choosing what we wish to energetically birth in our world, the clarifying nature of truth and the importance of personal truths, as well as Universal Truth. What is the difference between a personal truth and an opinion? What is the difference between evolution and change? How does one best support the feminine intelligence of the heart and soul? The energies of the priestess and the shaman help us answer these useful questions.


The integrative deity practice for this module infuses divine consciousness of ten different faces of the divine feminine in a shamanic spiral to activate and support spiritual transformation.  The template and workshop for this module is based on the Love Your Inner Goddess materials including a vibrant oracle deck, and an album of meditative processes and music which forms the basis of the first of three optional dance journeys in the intermediate training program which can be utilised for self healing and shared with others.


Module Three - Discerning Wisdom


In this module we connect wth the divine masculine, exploring his tremendous value in our souls and the essential gifts he brings which allow us to navigate not only our inner world, but the outer world too. His is the precious gift of wisdom and discernment - hence the theme for this module - and it is from this intuitive insight in practical application that we are able to set priorities and create boundaries. Alana speaks about spiritual authenticity as opposed to posturing. and spiritual self-sovereignty. 


In this module we connect with the beloved Sacred Rebels Oracle and explore a template and workshop option that includes sacred ritual and the second of the three fun, conscious dance journeys in the intermediate training. The Sacred Rebel is a potent archetypal energy for the divine masculine, teaching the value of unplugging from mass consciousness and choosing to exercise the great power of your free will. 


In this module we dive into deeper work with the divine masculine through an integrative deity practice, with the masculine as its focal point, and divine feminine energy in support. This can begin to reinstate and heal the masculine within our own consciousness, and through that, in our collective. There is much work needed here, to heal not only toxic masculinity, but also toxic femininity, and the healing dance between the two is integral to this training. 


Module Four - Sacred Celebration


Divine tantra is the interweaving into cohesive wholeness of the masculine and feminine energies, of all energies that appear to be in opposition and yet, once fully realised, are recognised as expressions of a secret unity. In this module we connect with the painstaking and rewarding process of tantric integration - in other words, getting the masculine and feminine to work together for the bliss, benefit and blessing to all beings. The integrative deity practice focuses on the Christ Consciousness, evoking powerful spiritual protection. 


Alana and Dr Jo talk about playfulness, the capacity for celebration and the ways that one can recognise play as a means through which to channel higher divine energies with less resistance. To this end we connect with the irreverent and celebratory Divine Circus Oracle for the template and workshop portion, including the third and final dance journey of this course, which is focused on attaining deeper and more joyful embodiment of our divine humanness. 


The talks with Alana and Jo also touch upon the mythology of the four tasks of Psyche (in Greek Mythology) as a model for the pathway to the sacred inner marriage. They also discuss the need for balance, for laughter, and the capacity of the heart stretched through suffering to embrace life with an incredible sense of humour.  



Successful completion of the training


Upon successful completion of the intermediate training program, you are something of an elder in our graduate Saraswati Healing™ community. Such members of our community include those that are practitioners of the method professionally, and those that like to practice the modality for self-healing and for healing our planet during our vibrant community practices of Global Healing Chains and groups where many members of the community choose to work together to create light and healing on Earth and beyond.


As an elder you may wish to explore ways that you can support the community through holding space, or participating in group discussions that will be added to our rich Community Resource Library for current and future community members. You also become eligible for advanced training as it becomes available. The considerable materials required for that to happen are currently in process with Alana.



The graduate community members have access to an in-depth community library of materials provided by Alana, including numerous additional recordings by Alana and Dr Jo answering the questions of trainees through several years of the training, and extra supportive teachings, prayers and practices provided by Alana and Higher Guidance especially for the community.


Upon successful completion of the 16 week foundations course, you are eligible to continue your journey into advanced training as it becomes available. 


Creative, diverse and inspired applications


Saraswati Healing ™ Intermediate continues with the method that you discovered in Foundations training. It can be creatively applied in diverse settings for a broad range of healing needs.

It can be utilised to facilitate healings for individuals and groups, applied distantly, online and in person. Sessions can be focused on self-healing, or offered to other people, to animals, or be focused on certain groups or collective issues to heal humanity and our planet.

You can run workshops, retreats and short sessions. You can facilitate sacred celebrations. The modality can be practiced in co-ordination with other practitioners or as a solo practitioner.

Techniques of the modality include conducting ceremony, facilitating meditation, oracle card readings, even moving meditation and conscious dance and working with sacred geometry mandalas and symbols for spiritual energy transfer.

You can also practice simply for your own spiritual growth and soul healing, and if you wish, also join our vibrant online community of graduates sharing regular group healings together for the benefit of all beings. 

Download Intermediate Course Outline

Next Intake


The Intermediate course begins on 1st March and 1st August annually. Enrolment periods are extended until end of March and August. 


As enrolment is by invitation only, please ensure that you have completed either Saraswati Healing™ Foundations training or Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring ™ full year program as the pre-requisite to this course. You can then email our training team at [email protected] to request your invitation to enrol.   


Cost and Payment Plans


Cost for the full intermediate training program is USD1,888 and payment plans are available at USD472 paid over four monthly instalments. Please note that payment plans are organised by a third party service provider and cannot be further customised.


Please note that this course requires additional payment of an annual graduate membership of USD188 (which would include your practitioner license, if you are choosing the practice professionally) as well as additional materials for each of the modules which will serve as your professional tool kit for the practices. Information on which items are required are noted in the Course Outline which can be downloaded below.


One-on-one and group support for trainees


As a graduate community member, you will have access to our graduate community forum which will provide the space to discuss and share your studies not only with fellow trainees in the program, but also with other graduate members. We believe that your journey through the course will bring benefit not only to you individually, but also to our greater graduate community, and of course, to our planet.


This is not a substitute for professional mentoring but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love. Some beautiful connections and powerful learning experiences happen through the energy that is shared with the Facebook group.


From time to time we may suggest that you seek out personal one-on-one mentoring with one of our team of recognised mentors who have completed the training or with a professional healer that you resonate with to support you with the healing process that the training tends to stimulate within.


Your Weekly Commitment


Approximately 4 - 6 hours each week will be required for you to maintain your studies. Our Self Care Guide and our Course Study Guide provide suggestions for taking care of yourself during the training and a detailed study guide which will help you stay on top of your studies and move through the materials at an appropriate pace.


Further Information and Questions


You can download a copy of FAQs and Terms and Conditions of the training from this website.

You are also welcome to reach out with your questions to [email protected]

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When the training is calling your soul, we invite you to join us. Together we journey deeply into divine awakening for the highest good.