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Empower your Throat Chakra, Claim Your Voice


Saraswati Healing strengthens your authentic soul voice, empowering and awakening the throat chakra's gifts including integration, synthesis, creativity and authentic soul expression for manifestation of your divine potential.

Oracle Cards, Mandalas, Music and Meditation


Work with Alana's powerful Crystal Mandala Oracle, connecting with 54 divine beings, along with Alana's sacred music, guided meditations and sacred geometry mandalas to awaken and heal yourself, others and our planet.



Welcome to Saraswati Healing ™


Saraswati Healing™ is a unique and powerful spiritual healing modality channelled by Alana Fairchild and her spiritual guides. These are the same guides that help Alana create her best-selling oracle decks, books, meditations and music. As you work with the Saraswati Healing™ modality, you will be encouraged to empower yourself with an unconditionally loving spiritual consciousness that we believe evokes deep healing at a soul level. Saraswati Healing™ is professionally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).  


Can beginners do this training?


You can do this training whether you are completely new to spiritual matters and this is your first course, or if you are already a practitioner qualified in other modalities. We have had advanced practitioners reaching deeper states of divine connection than ever before. We have had beginners openly up with wonder at what is possible. The training program has been designed to meet you ‘where you are at’ and help you take the next steps.


You may choose to do the training solely for your own personal development and spiritual growth, or you may also wish to become qualified as a Saraswati Healing™ practitioner. Training in the modality will develop your skills in divine connection and channelling of higher Universal energies. These skills support your personal healing and spiritual transformation. You will learn how to be and live your light for the greater good of all beings.


Who is Saraswati?


Saraswati Healing is named after the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom - Saraswati. She gracefully flies upon a celestial bird, wearing her mala prayer beads and divine musical instrument, weaving magic, music and blessings through our Universe.   

In this modality we connect with the potency of Saraswati utilising voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals to generate powerful divine energy fields dedicated to healing and liberation for the greater good. We work for self healing and for the benefit of all beings, including our beautiful planet.


Training for your own unique divine life journey


Saraswati Healing ™ is a divine process to awaken your soul and support you in being a guiding light in the world. It teaches you how to connect at a soul level, strengthen your intuition and access your inner wisdom to make progress on your spiritual path. You will learn how to empower your own divine journey, express your unique soul voice and become a sacred guide and soul mentor for others too.


Connect at a soul level and awaken your spirit


The training is for those who are attracted to it - whether you are new to the path or already experienced. You will experience spiritual transformation as you create your own personal connection to the higher energies of our loving Universe. The training is designed to awaken your divine potential, whatever talents are part of your soul journey. That may include being a healer, light worker, priestess, coach, mentor, writer, creative or other heart-centred professional. This is for those who want to deepen their personal journey and take their professional practice to a new level. It is also designed to support those who simply want to focus on their own spiritual growth through a transformational process.


The world needs you to shine your light!


We believe you have come to this planet with special work to do according to your own unique gifts and soul talents. The training helps you discover your true self, awakening to the many ways that you can authentically express your soul and fulfil your divine life purpose.


You’ll be encouraged to develop confidence, courage and trust in all that you were born to be. In this course we work to nurture you and your spiritual talent, to help you grow and become ready to take on the world (with love).


You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will just want to do it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, we believe that there is a divine reason for that. We encourage you to trust in that intuition.


Your mind may doubt but when your heart speaks, listen.


It is your time to shine bright.



Creative, diverse and inspired applications


Saraswati Healing can be creatively applied in diverse settings for a broad range of healing needs.

It can be utilised to facilitate healings for individuals and groups, applied distantly, online and in person. Sessions can be focused on self-healing, or offered to other people, to animals, or be focused on certain groups or collective issues to heal humanity and our planet.

You can run workshops, retreats and short sessions. You can facilitate sacred celebrations. The modality can be practiced in co-ordination with other practitioners or as a solo practitioner.

Techniques of the modality include conducting ceremony, facilitating meditation, oracle card readings, even moving meditation and conscious dance and working with sacred geometry mandalas and symbols for spiritual energy transfer.

You can also practice simply for your own spiritual growth and soul healing, and if you wish, also join our vibrant online community of graduates sharing regular group healings together for the benefit of all beings. 

The Structure of the Training Program


The training program is comprised of four modules, run intensively for one month each, in succession over a 16 week immersion.

The four modules will guide you through a spiritual empowerment process, building on each other and growing your energy field as you work through the course materials. Each module takes you deeper into the techniques of the modality, whilst supporting your spiritual development.

During what we believe will be a transformational program with us, you will have the opportunity to experience the loving energy of the spiritual guidance that created this program with Alana. It’s a bit like having a four-month-long spiritual healing session with loving higher guidance.

You will be encouraged through the program to trust yourself and your divine connection unconditionally, discover and express your authentic soul voice, learn how to deal with the challenges of being a guiding light on the planet at this time, whilst opening up to the great joy of your true spiritual path and sacred life purpose. For you that mean developing your professional skills, or focusing solely on your personal journey - or a combination of both.


Module One - Heart Awakening


In the first module you will be supported to connect with the angelic realms for divine healing. You will explore the evolution of the soul, the divine feminine wisdom as it applies to spiritual growth and Alana will share experiences from her own personal and professional journey to help you on yours.


You will learn about unplugging from mass consciousness, overcoming negative belief systems in a peaceful and powerful way, how you might best manage the impact of mass media and how you can deal with procrastination or feeling overwhelmed on your path.


You will be encouraged to become a creative rather than reactive presence in the world. Alana will also share some personal experiences of what it is like to translate your dreams of your sacred life mission real life experience, and how to handle the highs and lows of that process. She will give you helpful guidance on dealing with spiritual crisis as you grow and take steps forward on your divine life path. 


You’ll also hear Alana and Dr Jo Boney, the course assessment supervisor whom Alana has mentored for over a decade, laughing as they share some of their personal stories about their spiritual journey, to help you deal with the challenges of spiritual growth.  Alana and Jo will share many conversations with you throughout the training and in the Saraswati Healing™ graduate community.


In this module you will learn how to work the first healing energy template in the Saraswati Healing™ method which is the Crystal Angels 444 template, using Alana’s Crystal Mandala Oracle along with powerful words and sacred actions, with an intention to create an angelic healing energy field. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Angels 444 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 444 vibration) and be guided by Alana’s Radiance meditations.


Working with angelic energy can be such a special experience, unconditionally loving and nurturing. It is a safe yet powerful place to begin our training together.


Module Two - Soul Connection


In this module you are supported to connect with the mysterious and loving guides known as the Ascended Masters for divine healing and soul illumination. You will be guided to explore your divine purpose, to stand strong in your own truth, and to trust in your intuition and discernment, to be authentically connected to your inner wisdom.   


You will explore ways to remain true to yourself when becoming involved in group dynamics, and the importance of listening to your own intuition about when to get involved in with various groups and when to step back. You will explore how to deal with distractions and how to become more productive, whilst considering the importance of divine timing and how it can help your life unfold more gracefully.


Alana and Jo talk about living as your higher self, and issues of control, surrender, and having a sense of humour as well as how to step out of being a rescuer, ways to keep going when the going gets tough, and the need to honour who you are and not compare yourself to anyone else. Alana offers guidance on what happens as you grow spiritually, how you can deal with increased freedom and responsibility, and ways to handle your growing spiritual influence as a light in the world.


In this module you will also learn the second healing energy template in the Saraswati Healing™ method which is the Crystal Masters 333 template. Along with sacred words and special guided actions, you will utilise the oracle as a starting point to create a potent healing field with the master energy. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Masters 333 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 333 vibration) and the Crystal Mandala Oracle. You will also be guided by Alana’s Mystical Healing meditations.


As we set intention for the master energy to enter the group field for module two, we feel that the energy of the training ‘goes up a notch’, and many have noticed a shift in spiritual light and experience a transformative effect of that in their personal lives in many and varied ways. We find this to be unconditionally loving and very powerful. For those that resonate with the role of the light worker, this module is often deeply transformative. For those that want to develop professional skills, you will have the chance to facilitate templates for others in a one-on-one capacity with others, either within the community or outside of the community, as you choose, and within certain parameters that keep you and the recipients safe and sound whilst you are learning.


Module Three - Empowered Voice


In this module you are supported to connect with the wild feminine goddesses for divine healing. We believe you will be ready for more advanced material by this stage, including dealing with negativity and lower vibrational consciousness in a more loving and empowered way.


You’ll be supported to work effectively with belief systems in the mainstream to help humanity evolve spiritually, especially in situations like the aftermath of a traumatic event which triggers a fear-based reaction in mass consciousness.


Alana will teach you techniques to help be peaceful, empowered - and keep a sense of humour - when dealing with such matters. Alana will also speak to you about the importance of letting go of the past and even sometimes your own sense of self so that you can grow into who you are becoming. You’ll hear Alana and Jo sharing their experiences with you, and speaking of the importance of unconditional trust on the path.


Alana will teach you material to help you discover and express your authentic voice, and encourage you to realise that no matter how many healers there are in the world, there is a place that is just meant for you and that the Universe is leading you to it. 


For those that resonate with the priestess energy, or the shamanic energy, in particular, or are working on ‘grounding’, this module is often very powerful and transformational as it focuses on embodied spirituality.


In this module you will receive instruction on how to work the third healing energy template in the Saraswati Healing™ method which is the Crystal Goddesses 888 template, intending to call in divine feminine energy for potent transformation. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Goddesses 888 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 888 vibration) and the Crystal Mandala Oracle. You will also be guided by Alana’s For Love and Light on Earth Meditations. For those that wish to develop their professional skills, you will have the opportunity to mentor small group healing sessions within or outside of the community, within certain parameters to support you and the recipients whilst you are in training.


We find working with the divine feminine to be a nurturing and yet potent experience, one that assists with spiritual growth, grounding, soul development and manifestation of your divine life mission in the world. It is where we get very real and authentic! We believe that this involves claiming your soul voice, personal power and relying on your inner vision. Throughout this module you will be supported and encouraged to attain this for yourself.


Module Four - Inspired Presence


The emphasis in the final module is you. It encourages you to discover and develop your own unique soul presence and sense your innate divine purpose, through working with the Saraswati Healing™ modality. You will be supported to trust and express your unique divine energy. You will be encouraged to step into your own authentic presence as a guiding light on the earth at this time.


Alana will touch on practical issues to do with integrating spirituality into our daily lives. She will briefly discuss matters relevant to becoming a professional in the spiritual field.


More in-depth information on creating a successful metaphysical career is available upon completion of the training in our graduate community, including some suggestions and ideas that you can consider for marketing from a soul-centred approach, and down-to-earth advice regarding online presence and websites, setting price points, taking payments, hiring venues, insurance, working from home and attracting the most suitable clients for your sacred work, managing difficult personalities and finding your own personal facilitation style. Alana also discusses integrity, professionalism, and self-care so that you enjoy your experience of spiritual work and continue to enhance your wellbeing. Alana will help you begin to ‘dip your toes’ into the ocean of a spiritual career by lovingly offering suggestions for you to navigate the practical side of metaphysical vocation.


In Module Four, for those who wish to develop their professional abilities, you will learn how to facilitate full-day workshops based on the three energetic templates that you have mastered and the related books Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888. This includes learning how to facilitate various sessions within the workshops such as guided visualisation, moving meditation to sacred music, group healing with the templates and guidance on how to conduct a beautiful, heart-felt completion ritual for your participants. 


Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, and the books and meditation CDs from the past three modules, you will also be energetically supported by Alana’s sacred music CD Voice of the Soul. Along with teaching outlines in the online training materials, and Alana’s guided meditations, sacred music and the Crystal Mandala Oracle, you will be supported to facilitate powerful healing workshops in the Saraswati Healing™ method.



Successful completion of the training


Upon successful completion of the training program, you then become eligible to join our graduate Saraswati Healing™ community. Members of this community include those that are practitioners of the method professionally, and those that like to practice the modality for self-healing and for healing our planet during our vibrant community practices of Global Healing Chains and groups where many members of the community choose to work together to create light and healing on Earth.


The graduate community members have access to an in-depth community library of materials provided by Alana, including numerous additional recordings by Alana and Dr Jo answering the questions of trainees through several years of the training, and extra supportive teachings, prayers and practices provided by Alana and Higher Guidance especially for the community.


Upon successful completion of the 16 week foundations course, you are eligible to continue your journey into the 16 week intermediate course, where we deepen our explorations into what it is to be and thrive as a divine human.

Next Intake


The Foundations training begins on 1st March and 1st August annually. Enrolment periods are extended until end of March and August.


If you have found us after the start date and feel very strongly that you want to join us in the current intake, rather than wait for the following intake, then email the training angel as soon as possible at [email protected] with your request. We cannot accommodate all such requests as the course load is already demanding, but we will certainly consider your request and offer advice on what we feel is best for you.


Cost and Payment Plans


Cost for the full training program is USD1,888 and payment plans are available at USD472 paid over four monthly instalments. Please note that payment plans are organised by a third party service provider and cannot be further customised.


Please note that this course requires the purchase of additional course materials, which are outlined in the Course Outline PDF which can be downloaded below.    


One-on-one and group support for trainees


As a student, you will also have access to our online Facebook group to discuss your studies and relate to the other members of the soul group moving through the training along with you. This is not a substitute for professional mentoring but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love. Some beautiful connections and powerful learning experiences happen through the energy that is shared with the Facebook group.


Alana also provides regular updates and additional guidance when needed. Details for joining this group will be given after you enrol. You are encouraged to join it to receive the benefits, even if it means learning how to use Facebook to do it (it’s not very difficult and our training angel can be so helpful with such matters).


From time to time we will suggest that you seek out personal one-on-one mentoring with one of our team of recognised mentors who have completed the training or with a professional healer that you resonate with to support you with the healing process that the training tends to stimulate within.


Your Weekly Commitment


Approximately 4 - 6 hours each week will be required for you to maintain your studies. Our Self Care Guide and our Course Study Guide provide suggestions for taking care of yourself during the training and a detailed study guide which will help you stay on top of your studies and move through the materials at an appropriate pace.


Further Information and Questions


You can download a copy of the Course Outline below, and FAQs and Terms and Conditions of the training are available to download on the homepage of this website.

You are also welcome to reach out with your questions to [email protected]

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Listen to your Heart

When the training is calling your soul, we invite you to join us. Together we journey deeply into divine awakening for the highest good.