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with Enlightened Divine Beings

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Empower your Throat Chakra, Claim Your Voice


Saraswati Healing strengthens your authentic soul voice, empowering and awakening the throat chakra's gifts including integration, synthesis, creativity and authentic soul expression for manifestation of your divine potential.

Oracle Cards, Mandalas, Music and Meditation


Work with Alana's powerful Crystal Mandala Oracle, connecting with 54 divine beings, along with Alana's sacred music, guided meditations and sacred geometry mandalas to awaken and heal yourself, others and our planet.


Creative, diverse and inspired applications


Saraswati Healing can be creatively applied in diverse settings for a broad range of healing needs.

It can be utilised to facilitate healings for individuals and groups, applied distantly, online and in person. Sessions can be focused on self-healing, or offered to other people, to animals, or be focused on certain groups or collective issues to heal humanity and our planet.

You can run workshops, retreats and short sessions. You can facilitate sacred celebrations. The modality can be practiced in co-ordination with other practitioners or as a solo practitioner.

Techniques of the modality include conducting ceremony, facilitating meditation, oracle card readings, even moving meditation and conscious dance and working with sacred geometry mandalas and symbols for spiritual energy transfer.

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Listen to your Heart

When the training is calling your soul, we invite you to join us. Together we journey deeply into divine awakening for the highest good. 

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