Saraswati Healing™ 

Soul Healing with Energy, Voice, Light and Wisdom 

Foundations Level Spiritual Healing Training

Join us and experience this enlightening 16-week sacred spiritual healing course created to embrace ancient wisdom and modern methodologies. 

Next intake begins 1st August 2022.

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Spiritual Healing with Saraswati Healing Modality

Welcome to Saraswati Healing™


Saraswati Healing™ is a unique and powerful spiritual healing modality professionally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and channelled by modern mystic Alana Fairchild and her spiritual guides. These are the guides that help Alana create her best-selling, spiritually-juicy oracle decks, books, meditations and music.

Exploring the Saraswati Healing™ modality empowers your soul with an unconditionally loving spiritual consciousness. We believe you will evoke deep healing at a soul level. In sacred space with us you may embrace your inner playfulness, your joy-bringing fun and your soulful sass. It’s time to let your light shine.

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Course Details

  • Spiritual healing course
  • 16 weeks
  • 4 modules
  • 4-5 hours per week
  • Mix of videos, MP3s, reading materials and practical application
  • Cost USD $1888 (click here for payment plans)
  • Next enrolment closes 31 March 2022
Embrace transformational spiritual healing and soul-expanding experiences
Spiritual healing with Alana Fairchild Image in green dress reaching towards you

Who is Alana?

Alana is a singular teacher and respected worldwide as a spiritual thought leader – one who has travelled her own incredible journey to reach a place of loving spiritual authenticity. In this training, she draws from her own experiences, creating a path to esoteric wisdom for the community – and, more importantly, to make it workable, sustainable and relevant to the modern human experience.  

She will teach you how to connect with the heart with a playfulness and energy that empowers your soul.

Alana has created over 22 oracle decks, three deep-learning courses, 13 books, 30 albums of music and meditation and is translated into 11 languages, but it’s her open heart and free-spirited presence that generates spiritual healing and incomparable heart opening. Alana’s Saraswati Healing™ can help you experience your own soul in a way not previously possible.

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Are You Divinely Attracted to Saraswati Healing™?


Saraswati Healing™ is named after the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom.   

In this spiritual healing course you will connect with the potency of Saraswati utilising voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals. The practices empower you to generate divine energy fields dedicated to your own self-healing, the healing of others and our planet. And the program enhances your connection with your own inner spiritual authority, strengthening the glow of your inner light and your ability to be a grounded and healing presence in your life and our world.

  • Training for your own unique divine life journey. Learn how to empower your own authentic life path, express your unique soul voice and become a sacred guide and soul mentor for others too. 


  • Connect at a soul level. Experience spiritual transformation and personal healing as you create your own soul connection to the higher energies of our loving Universe. 


  • Awaken your unique divine potential. Awaken your soul’s talents which can include channeling, creativity, healing, teaching, art or leadership.

The world needs you to shine your light! 

When the Saraswati Healing™ program is meant for you, something inside of you will draw you to it. You might not know why, but you will be divinely attracted to it, to Alana and to our sacred community. Embrace your intuition and join us! 

Your mind may doubt but when your heart speaks, listen.

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Discover Saraswati Healing™

Four heart-opening modules to transform and blossom.

The Four Saraswati Healing™ Modules


The 16-week immersive training is presented in four modules. These are created to guide you through the spiritual empowerment process. Building on each other they will grow your energy field taking you deeper into the techniques of the modality as you work through the course materials, whilst supporting your spiritual development.

During this transformational program, you will have the incredible opportunity to be embraced by Alana’s loving energy and spiritual guidance. We believe the Saraswati Healing™ course is like having a four-month-long spiritual healing session with loving higher guidance as your beautiful friend.

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Beloved, here’s a peek at the transformational magic that is Saraswati Healing™.

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"Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and imbuing her work with effectiveness and beauty"

Your Saraswati Healing™ Investment


Your 16-week transformational Saraswati Healing™ program costs USD $1888. Payment plans are available for USD $472 per month for 4 months. 

As part of your course materials, you will need to purchase a copy of the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck (or the app), the books Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888, as well as The Messages in the Numbers.

Each module is supported by carefully-selected meditations and an album of Alana’s music, which are available via downloads. These curated tools will help you expand your soul, transform your work and continue your self-healing and healing journey.


Welcome to Our Vibrant, Loving Community


Upon successful completion of the training program, you become eligible to join our wonderful graduate Saraswati Healing™ community. Our members are a combination of professional practitioners of the method, and those that practice the modality for self-healing and for healing our planet. This is a wonderful group of creative, loving, shining, open-hearted humans and many choose to work together to create light and healing on Earth.


As a graduate community member you will have access to an in-depth community library of materials provided by Alana. This includes recordings by Alana and Dr Jo answering the questions of trainees from over the years and supportive teachings, prayers and practices provided by Alana and Higher Guidance especially for the community.

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Blessings from past students of Saraswati Healing™


We believe that Saraswati Healing™ can change you profoundly. That the work can transform you. That you can become more of who you came here to be. Clear and refined. Capable of shining your inner light for yourself and for others. And able to work with divine beings under the wisdom and guidance channelled through Alana’s heart.

Delphine, France

Alana has a gift for creating a pathway for the visionary soul that is inspiring to the heart
and highly transformational. I see so many trainings that make promises yet lack a
deeper understanding of everyone’s unique journey. This is a sacred journey that keeps

Rachel Staples

Saraswati Healing has been the catalyst for the greatest change within me, a journey of remembrance guiding me back to my authentic truth. When I set out on this journey I imagined I would weave this modality into my offerings, holding space for others as they opened up to their truths. Nothing quite prepared me for the unfolding of the most profound self-healing of my life thus far.

Eve, Australia

My journey through the course was in one word MAGICAL. I can’t even begin to explain the number of miraculous things in my life during this journey. It was truly a blessing way beyond my boldest imaginings. A rebirth of my soul and a gentle unravelling of the layers that were keeping me small.

What’s Next?


Upon successful completion of the 16-week foundations course, you are eligible to continue your journey into the 16-week intermediate course. Please join us! 


Here you’ll deepen your exploration into what it is to be and thrive as a divine human, deepening your spiritual path and exploring advanced practices, growing as a spiritual elder in our sacred community.

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Have you listened to your heart?

When the course is calling your soul, we invite you to join us. Together we will journey deeply into divine awakening for the highest good.

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“Gratitude for art by Jane Marin from Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild"