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Retrogrades, Aquarian Age & Levelling Up Spirituality

I want to share something marvellously reassuring with you about retrograde planetary motions.

Mercury, Venus, Mars … Retrograde! Oh my!

I want to share something true and reassuring with you about retrograde planetary motions. Every year we experience our dear mercurial trickster friend zipping back and forth in the skies a few times at least. Jupiter retrogrades for four months a year, and every 18 months Venus dives into the underworld to be reborn through retrograde motion and so on.

Retrograde motions of the planets are a perceived rather than actual phenomenon. They are an opportunity for humans to work with the planetary intelligence in a more internalised way. Mercury usually relates to short journeys, signing contracts, communication and technology in the sense of electronic communications like email and the internet. With retrogrades, that energy begins to move inwards, and although life continues to flow, accessing that energy in the physical world can feel less ‘flowing’ than usual. More starts and stops. If we aim to move with this cosmic imperative, we can experience it working for us, rather than against us. So whilst there may be techno-switcheroo and other communication shenanigans that occur, we can still actually look forward to this time (yes, really!).

Rules for Retrogrades

The rules of the cosmic retrograde game are – reflect, reclaim, rejuvenate and repair, revise, reorient. This theme is applied to the various themes of the planets – so Venus relates to spirituality, the feminine and women, emotion and relationship, connection, love, values and financial matters, beauty and creative expression, and higher consciousness. Venus retrograde is an opportunity to heal and residual patterning relating to all matters connected to Venus.

For Jupiter retrograde the focus shifts on inner expansion, opening up spiritual horizons and connecting with playfulness and optimising as inner healing energies.
With Mars, the instinctual energies feel inwardly directed and there is opportunity to focus on healing and learning the stories and processes we may have been unconscious of relating to anger, assertiveness, masculine energy and giving ourselves permission to go after what holds meaning for our souls.

Saturn retrograde can support us to confront the structures, boundaries authority in our lives – how it impacts us not only in the outer world, but how much we have internalised and if this is supporting or oppressing our soul growth.

Slowing down to make better progress

Retrograde planes can cause some frustration if we are used to charging ahead in the physical world, but they can be wonderful consciousness-generators, and if we understand this we can work with the planetary energies more intuitively, creatively and soulfully, and make wonderful healing progress during retrograde phases.

Retrogrades in the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is a new spiritual epoch for Earth. There is debate about whether it has already begun or is yet to begin, though many accept that we are at least in its initial stages. The shift into the Age of Aquarius might not seem to have much to do with us personally, however we could imagine it like a different flavour of divine tea seeping into the psychic waters of the collective consciousness. It will affect and stimulate humanity as a whole, and therefore also individuals, to move in new directions, responding to different energies. So what is the energy of the Aquarian Age?

The Age of Aquarius and being wonderfully weird

Aquarian energy relates to social ideals and humanity, world servers like lightworkers, and the wonderful weirdos amongst us that seem to spin in a different direction to mainstream humanity (that’s pretty much all of you lot, and myself included, right?).
Aquarius as the sign representing fixed air has a secret side. This secret side also relates to its previous planetary ruler before the discovery of the planet Uranus (with the quirky planetary rings that rotate vertically, rather than horizontally in a stunning display of awesome cosmic idiosyncrasy), which was Saturn. Yes, Aquarius is a secret conservative. It is half innovator, and half stubborn ‘this is my way and I won’t change it.’ Aquarius represents the very human dilemma of yearning for evolution and struggling to let go and allow it to happen.

Creativity, Community and Consciousness

The highest expression of Aquarian energy is our desire to make a positive contribution to the planet through our eccentricities and ideals, our individuality and our uniqueness, and our passionate care for humanitarian and social matters. Aquarian idealism jostles with its pragmatism, promoting visionary consciousness that wrestles with the realities of what currently exists. Aquarian fixity can be a fear-based resistance grounded in doubt, yet the historical rulership of Saturn has left its mark in Aquarius (Saturn is all about leaving a legacy that endures of course) and so there is also a ‘let’s get this done’ vibe that is galvanising the human collective. Doubt can uplevel into doing when the vision is sufficiently inspiring, motivating us to genuinely invest time, effort and energy into pursuing our dreams. This is why, even though small is undoubtedly beautiful and precious too, those bigger bolder visions can sometimes be the best motivators – and actually become our greatest successes.  If we dare to embrace the creative adventure!

Magical Keys for Retrogrades – Align & Receive

During any retrograde motion, we are encouraged to look within, to expect that we will gain insight and perhaps refine our alignment with planetary energies so that we better serve our higher life purpose and soul journey.

This is the case no matter which planet, no matter whether it is the pre-shadow phase that arises in advance of the retrograde, demarcating where the retrograde path will occur, the retrograde period itself, or the post retrograde shadow, that few weeks after the planet turns direct and we are processing all that has transpired.

The magical key for retrogrades is receptivity, which helps the soul truly mine the spiritual riches of retrograde motion. We may experience a subtle or dramatic redirection, realignment or resuscitation of previously discarded projects or plans. Stay open and ready to move with what resonates as truth.
So when you see retrograde, don’t panic. Instead get your journal ready and set aside time to dive deep into reflection, so you can restore and revive at a soul level, opening to the universal cosmic wisdom that is always guiding us along this extraordinary journey of human life.


Gratitude for Art by Jane Marin from Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

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