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Goddess Kali’s unconditionally loving nature

Kali Blog Series

Creating the Kali Oracle was a true joy and delight, and I experienced moments of pure love for the ever-watchful goddess of spiritual protection. Many feel a certain amount of fear around connecting with goddess Kali because of her nature as a destroyer, but this disregards her beautiful loving nature.

This sixth and final article in our Kali blog series is designed to help you understand and embrace the goddess Kali’s all-loving nature so that you can go deeper into your Kali practice and embrace all the aspects of the Divine Mother, embodying the strength and beauty of her so that it may have a ripple effect on the consciousness of our planet.

Goddess Kali’s all-loving nature

The existence of this blog series is testament to the confusion and worry that can swirl around the goddess Kali. Sometimes known as the destroyer, Kali is often misperceived at times as being violent or the spiritual justification of violence. But I would be very cautious of accepting such a view or her. It is not our job to decide what is good for someone else.

I honestly believe that Kali’s true nature is all-loving. Our own fears, attachments, limited vision and other challenges that are a natural part of the human experience (we might call them ‘soul growing pains’) are what cause us to interpret Kali as anything other. If we know we are a pure spirit and a beautiful soul on a journey that is tricky at the best of times, and yet we are unconditionally loving and unconditionally loved at our core, then we will see her fierceness with awe and wonder and hope in our hearts.

Understanding Kali’s love

If you’re finding it difficult to see the loving nature of Kali, understand that Kali’s fierceness is love. Her destruction is love. Her gentleness is love. She manifests as what is required in any moment, and that is her great and generous compassion. She cares enough to do what is necessary to take care of her children’s real wellbeing.

She loves you. She might challenge you, but she will also comfort you. She has your back. You can trust her and her love with will help you in many beautiful ways.

Turning anger into motivating fire and pure love

Have you ever become angry when trying to deal with a toxic situation created by someone else’s anger? Or ended up feeling hatred towards people who sprout hate? This sort of psychic contagion can happen so easily, especially in those who are sensitive enough to want to help heal our human family and our planet. We need protection, guardianship and guidance, so that we can be real about what we feel but not become consumed by it – rather we can use it as fuel for growth and inspiration for healing.

This is Kali’s specialty and why I feel many souls are attracted to her. We want the power of our anger to becoming motivating fire, while retaining the purity of love in our hearts. Kali knows how to transform our terror and rage into energy that can fuel meaningful contributions that our world really needs.

Achieving tranquillity in the midst of the storm

The benevolent and loving connection with Kali can dispel chaotic energies. In our Universe, we will always be experiencing chaos. That is samsara – the manifestation of the collective chaos of experience and projection and healing.

While Kali is often associated with chaos, as a loving, divine being, she is powerful and can consume that chaos. I compare her activity to the activity of a black hole that devours. I also experience her like the primordial spaciousness of the cosmic womb – the reason she can consume, and also create, is due to her original nature, her vastness, her receptivity and her transformational quality.

A connection with Kali that will still the chaos and provide relief requires that we practice identifying more with the spaciousness of her loving nature rather than what is going on in the space. In other words, contemplate the vastness of the container rather than the variety and busy-ness of what is contained.

Reorienting through the spacious love of the Divine Mother

Samsara is utterly exhausting to witness. At some stage the endless distraction and savagery is no longer entertaining, but just depleting, and the heart yearns for goodness, peace and healing above all else. Kali’s love and spaciousness as the Divine Mother can assist.

In honouring Kali as the spaciousness beneath and within all – as the cosmic womb – we loosen the glue of our attachments and preoccupations. That which we felt so unable to resolve becomes looser, more able to be managed and brought under control. And we’re more able to switch vantage points and witness with compassion.

With such an inner reorientation your compassion will be stronger and clearer. You will feel more rested and trusting. You will have a better of idea of what, if anything, you can do to help improve a situation. You will realise that Kali, the Divine Mother, has her loving eye in and on everything. And you won’t feel so alone in attempting to sort things out, nor so lost when you cannot always see the next step forwards.


Think of the rock thrown into a puddle – maybe the entire puddle is consumed by the rock. Now imagine that same rock tossed into an ocean. Does the ocean even register the rock? Maybe a little but there’s not much of an effect compared with how it mucked about with that little puddle.

Now, imagine the rock is an obstacle. Maybe it represents a problem, or a belief system or habit getting in the way of our spiritual progress. We might not be able to do much with that rock, but if we can shift from puddle to ocean, then the rock can be as it is and we won’t be affected by it nearly as much.

Kali’s spacious, all-containing, all-consuming nature is the positive, loving facet of her ‘devouring’ side. So it can be wise to reorient our attention as often as possible to her emptiness, her spaciousness.

Embracing comfort and protection

When you embrace the all-loving nature of Kali, you are embracing a being so powerful that nothing can overcome them. This should give you a sense of how safe you can feel knowing that such a being loves you unconditionally and is there for you when you need help, even when you couldn’t consciously formulate that need for yourself (yet).

There is an infallibility in divinity that is a tonic to soothe the soul otherwise wearied by the constant fluctuations and inconsistencies in the world. Her comfort and protection won’t change the world, but it can change the way that you respond to it and amplify the joy you are able to derive from your experience as a human being. And that experience helps to heal you, and then others, and then the world too.

For me personally, there is a restfulness in knowing that all-loving Kali has your soul in her care. I feel that if I make a mistake, or wander off in the wrong direction, she will always ensure that I am brought back on track. I feel that if my light attracts the attention of less-than-noble energies seeking to wreak havoc, she will ensure that the only thing that happens is constructive – I learn something useful and am ultimately protected to remain on my true path.

The world is full of confusion, projections, delusions and pitfalls, as well as beauty, grace and wonder. Kali’s great protection helps us find our way to clarity – to see things for what they are and to learn how to navigate the complexities of the spiritual journey with patience and trust. Feeling her wrapping around you like a beautiful cloak of protection is how I would describe it. When the winds blow, you’ll need that cloak, and there it shall be.

Seek the sanctuary of Kali’s wild grace

Learning how to seek the sanctuary of Kali’s wild grace can truly set you free to live your life truthfully, humbly, brilliantly and completely. There is a divine presence that is more powerful than your greatest terror, suffering or fear, and because of this, you can know that you are not only deeply loved, but profoundly protected.

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