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Abundance from a Divine Feminine Perspective

The Divine Feminine, Abundance and Spiritual Integrity

In sacred numerology the 6 vibration relates to the heart. It also relates to money, business and finance, love and relationships. These themes often connect, as anyone going through the business of breaking up will tell you.  The 6 also refers to the material world and abundance, and the body. It is a key number, along with the 2, 4 and 8, that particularly aligns with the feminine energies.

If you are noticing a lot of 6 numbers, or simply feeling the cosmic call to realign with the heart, then you will be working not only for personal healing, but also for cultural healing too. There can be considerable subconscious fear regarding the 6 vibration, which stems from internalised belief systems that render the body and the natural world as inferior or not to be trusted. To reconnect to the heart, one must connect to the body. The body houses our untold stories and instinctive healing intelligence that can support our spiritual journey, teaching us the feminine wisdoms of timing, cycles, healing and transformation. As we tune into our bodies, we will discover many truths – those that are inconvenient and yet essential to acknowledge if we are to ever become spiritually free, and aligned with the higher purpose of our soul journey. 

Money, Financial Healing and Free Will

Money is an energy of exchange that also carries intense societal projections of power and status, security and defence against uncertainty, as well as acceptability and worthiness, abandonment, neglect and betrayal.

Healers who wish to work full time offering spiritual support to others will need to navigate the complex social projections and their own individual belief systems about financial wellbeing. 

Some seem to believe that if you are interested in creating financial stability then you are not a spiritually-aligned person, whilst others seem to believe that amassing wealth is a way to affirm that you are loved by the Divine. I don’t personally resonate with either of those points of view. 

Money making is a skill which can be driven by fear or motivated by a desire to support your calling in life. Financial status has nothing to do with your value as a human being nor your relationship to the Divine. 

Pain around financial matters can be worth exploring as resolving such confusion can reconnect you to your own power of choice. Healing your emotional experiences and psychological attitudes towards money can ease the burdens in your heart and open up new possibilities for you to create security as feels best for you, remembering that the definition of true abundance in life will differ between individuals. For some that may feature money as a key element, for others it may be about a quality of life that has the freedom to create at its heart.

When it comes to money and spiritual integrity, I feel this is more about priorities and less about money per se. That really hit home when I had a Buddhist nun tell me that if I was going to run a business, and pay team members to help me, in order to do my work, then I needed to take responsibility to make it work.

My priorities have always been Spirit first, above all else. Then the work and then money lower down on the list. This doesn’t mean money is bad or unspiritual, nor does it mean that if I make more money one year than the one before, I am more spiritually evolved that year. As long as I know that I will trust my spiritual path over everything else then I will be authentic and in integrity with myself. That’s how I establish an inner sense of security and peace. Then I can navigate the realm of spirituality and creativity that are most important to my heart, whilst jostling about in the realms of business, work and finances as needed too.

Money and Spiritual Integrity

When my business began to grow, I had to confront my own fears about the possibility that materialism could interfere with my spirituality. I talked to the Divine about it. The response from the Universe was a simple question, asking if I had become less spiritually oriented since the growth in financial wellbeing had begun. I realised that it was quite the opposite. I was thinking about financial matters much less actually. 

It reminded me of the Tibetan Buddhist idea that it is harder for a starving human to meditate. Attending to our material needs can support the path. We just need to be wise about it.  I continue to cultivate personal awareness around this. Tests arise consistently.  The best way I know how to meet those tests is that if I ever feel a tension between securing financial gain and honouring what feels spiritually resonant, I go for the spiritual resonance, no matter what the outcome may be. 

As long as spiritual resonance is first on my priority list, then I feel peace in my heart, regardless of what the other outcomes may be, even for the business. I consider this to be an ongoing journey when one is working in the potentially tricky realm of running a service-based company, honouring the responsibilities that come with engagement in the world of business, and the paramount importance of maintaining spiritual authenticity.


The spiritual quality of coherence, connection and bringing together is another divine feminine quality and one that can assist when working with apparently competing interests. 

One of the 21 forms of the goddess Tara is known as Marici. She is associated with spiritual light, business success and wealth, and divine protection (from pandemics and during travel and transitions, amongst other things). 

One of her symbolic tools is the needle and thread. This represents her capacity for repair. Whether we are looking at the places within our own psyches where we have compartmentalised to cope, or where we are bearing the painful, but perhaps unnecessary, tension between different facets of our personality or life path, Marici – who is also wisdom – can show us the way to integration.

This capacity for bonding when there has been disruption in the psyche is so needed. There is violence inherent in power-based consciousness that tells us certain facets of human existence are OK and others are not. Such judgements are not only unkind, they are also unrealistic. We need to feel that all parts of our beings are connected. The nature of the soul is loving inclusion. It wants to bring all facets of being and experience into the heart, to be processed and integrated, that compassion can flourish. The soul is something of a celestial master chef, desiring to combine seemingly incompatible ingredients, in a meal of exquisite depth and flavour.

Conscious Connection 

With so much political divisiveness fostered through the collective in response to the upheavals that humanity has been facing, the desire to return to connection internally with ourselves and meaningfully with others is deeply needed. 

Conscious connection can allow for discerning differentiation. Unity does not require sameness. We can integrate different facets of self, even apparently competing needs, so that the greater purpose of awakening is served. It takes awareness and commitment, but it can be accomplished if we care enough to work towards it. 

“We can feel unity with those who are different to us in political views, in upbringing or culture, in all ways. We can feel unity through the shared experience of the human spiritual journey. Maybe some are so innately oppositional the most we can come up with is, ‘it can be really tough to be human’. And that’s enough, actually.”

The heart holds the wisdom for conscious connection which empowers spiritual freedom, individuality and difference, as well as honouring that which bonds us to each other through shared experience. Seeds of peace can be planted in our world by those who have the heart capacity to bear the tension of difference and discern the deeper spiritual unity.

Sheet Forts and Other Sacred Spaces

I have fond childhood memories of sheet forts in the lounge room during rainy days and camping in tents in friend’s backyards for sleep overs during mild summers. I love the Sabian symbol for my natal astrological Jupiter in Pisces. It is ‘a gigantic tent’. It’s fun and absurd and always makes me laugh! I feel that it represents my life’s work – creating a big beautiful place for souls to hang out together. 

The tent is a symbol of play and gathering, for it houses the circus, and of protection, as it houses the nature-seeking adventurer. The tent is also a spiritual space created through specific practices in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition (where it is known as a Vajra-Tent, or unbreakable diamond container) which protects the practitioner.  The Red Tent is a safe space for the feminine. The tent peg – also known as a phurba in certain Buddhist practices – is a powerful ritual tool to pin down and overpower negative energies.  

The tent demarcates space – sacred, protected, yet unpredictable (because even though Spirit is consistently loving, its method of expressing this is always unpredictable!). In the spiritual tent, things get pretty real. Who wants to enter such a space? Those like-minded souls that recognise its value. 

When we give ourselves permission to seek out the off-the-beaten track connection spaces for communion, connection, collaboration and mystical nourishment that the sign of Pisces represents, we can nourish our souls (and up on spiritually unconventional websites).  We strengthen ourselves for the work we feel born and called to accomplish, creatively, spiritually, generating a constructive offering to humanity and our planet in how we choose to live and grow through this precious life. 

The deeply spiritual sign of Pisces affects all of Life, every time the sun, moon and other planets pass through the zodiac, which happens regularly throughout each year. Pisces is mystical but it isn’t particularly pious. There is too much of the shadowy realm in Pisces for the prosaic. Instead in Pisces you’ll find the wonderful weirdos that allow you to let your own alternative, off-centre, deeply authentic and beautifully ridiculous side shine through, with complete acceptance. That can be so darn restorative! The spiritual path can be endlessly deep, like the Pisces cosmic waters, but sometimes we need to splash about and have some fun, so that we have the energy for the deeper and more difficult dives when needs must prevail.

Sacred space is a holding space, where truth is allowed and encouraged. It can happen in our homes, where we live everyday, yet what happens within that space is not ordinary in any way. To connect with the quality of sacred space, we need to become present and set our intention. Then what occurs within that demarcated time and space is taking place at a soul level. We are not just lighting a candle, we are illuminating a previous point of confusion or uncertainty. We are not just placing our hands in prayer, we are connecting with our hearts. 

There is a soul hunger for sacred space. You can feed it when you reflect on where and how we connect, or need to reconnect – whether that be to ourselves, our spiritual team of guides, our community, our passion and our purpose. What is it that offers protection, sacred space, communal consciousness and return to the heart, for you? This is so important I wanted to name our entire educational and community program after the quality of sacredness, and so I ended up with the name Community of the Sacred. 

Spiritual Metabolism

In sacred space, we access the time and energy to spiritually metabolise our experiences – processing, reflection and realisations then emerge. 

Just as the body needs digestion time to distil nutrients from nourishment, so too does the soul as it is also a natural body (just one that we see with the spiritual rather than the physical eyes). 

The soul requires spiritual digestion to gain benefit from our life experiences and nourish our being spiritually with wisdom, compassion and clarity. We must rest to digest! Sacred space is a place for spiritual rest. If we give ourselves enough of this, we will find a settling from anxiety into peace, confidence and trust. We break into a new spiritual day.

This is not heralding a magical happening devoid or disconnected from human effort. Soul making is a work of heart and connection, a true labour of love. The Universe provides us with an affirmation of the capacity that we genuinely possess for transformation but nudging us to grow through our life journey. We can evoke, create and express in sacred space, and carry forth back into the world the wisdom and insight we have gained. In our big playful sacred tent gatherings we can learn from each other, and grow together – actually, is there any other way?

In our Community of the Sacred, you will find a warm, wise and welcoming group of humans who honour individuality and connection, and are working together to bring spiritual benefit to our planet.


Gratitude for art by Wang Yiguang from Alana’s Wild Kuan Yin Oracle 

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