Rosa Mystica 

Experience Mother Mary, Our Lady of the Mystical Rose

Create Peace, Love and Healing for Yourself and Our World with Mother Mary

Our Rosa Mystica healing program gently and powerfully opens your heart to our beautiful lady, Mother Mary, who loves all beings unconditionally. We want you to personally experience the beauty of her genuine spiritual energy that supports your unique soul journey, opening the inner doorway to a sublime realm of peace, love, trust and healing.

Our Rosa Mystica program was created by Alana Fairchild to show you how to awaken your own radiant heart bond with Mother Mary, to experience her incredible presence and protection, facilitating soul healing, personal growth and spiritual transformation.

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Welcome to Rosa Mystica,
Our Lady of the Mystical Rose

Rosa Mystica healing course image of Mother Mary with red heart

Mother Mary is also known as Rosa Mystica or the Mystical Rose. The rose is a powerful symbol of love, associated particularly with Mother Mary, the Goddess Isis and the planet Venus. The Mystical Rose is an expression of the Divine Feminine and a promise of love, hope, healing and sacred spiritual fruition of your soul, your dreams, your life purpose. 

Our Lady Rosa Mystica leads you beyond your fear and doubt, and into the power of your heart, so you can discover the extraordinary spiritual presence, power and beauty within you. Our Lady helps us live with courage, trust and confidence in our unique soul journey. Our Mother Mary healing program is open to all hearts seeking divine intervention, spiritual empowerment and support in manifesting their highest purpose for the spiritual benefit of all beings. 

We welcome you, beloved.

Experience and channel divine heart energy with modern mystic and beloved spiritual teacher, Alana Fairchild. Together you will explore the abundant grace, kindness, love and wisdom that Mother Mary offers to all hearts.

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Course Details 

  • Spiritual healing course

  • Self-paced

  • 14 modules

  • Set aside approximately 1 hour per module

  • Mix of videos, reading materials and practical application

  • Private online forum for participants hosted by our training team

  • Access to online community events with Alana and our training team

  • Cost USD $888 (click here for payment plans)


Embrace the beautiful presence of the Divine Mother and experience her blessings for the greater good of the world

Who is Alana?


Alana is a rare teacher, a modern mystic and an inspired creatrix. A respected spiritual thought leader sought for her expertise in the Divine Feminine, Alana is a playful, dedicated, pro-human and free-spirited healing channel sharing a vast body of work with the world, to support the spiritual evolution of humanity. 

Alana created the Mother Mary program from the experiences and lessons that arose as she walked her own spiritual path. Alana’s life path taught her from a very young age that divine energies are expressions of unconditional love, available to all hearts desiring help. Anyone from any religion (or lack of religion), culture or belief system, who wants to connect with Mother Mary will receive her blessing. This program has been created for all hearts that crave genuine spiritual energy and guidance. 

During your 14 modules together, Alana will tap into the esoteric wisdom of the Divine Feminine genius of Mother Mary. You will explore the remarkable ways that Mother Mary works with the soul to guide, heal and assist you. You can experience a different and more beautiful way to be – a way that is both practical and inspirational. Alana brings Mother Mary’s tremendous wisdom down to earth, making it relevant and workable for the modern human.


Alana has created over 22 oracle books, numerous deep-learning courses, 13 books, 30 albums of music and meditation and been translated into 11 languages. But it’s her open heart, joyful playfulness, authentic spiritual connection and free-spirited presence that facilitates spiritual healing and brings to life her messages of universal love, soul empowerment and generous compassion. 


We believe Alana’s Rosa Mystica experience course will open your soul to the Divine Mother’s heart, so you can heal, release yourself from fear and doubt and discover spiritual self-confidence and sacred community. Together we will create a more beautiful world.

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“The work we do on ourselves through our spiritual practice accumulates and gathers, always guided by loving divine beings encouraging us on our soul path."

– Namaste, Alana Fairchild

The Sacred Soul Work of Mother Mary, our Rosa Mystica, with Alana Fairchild


You are invited to join Alana for this empowering 14-module spiritual exploration into the divine presence of Mother Mary, the Rosa Mystica. In this program you will receive written teachings, guided healing practices and spiritual blessings in video format set to Alana’s own beautiful music. You will be led on a sacred path to encounter 13 sacred forms of our beloved divine lady, Mother Mary, as the Mystical Rose.

From purification through our Madonna of the White Rose, to the healing of your voice with the Madonna of the Blue Rose, and much more, together with Alana you will explore the abundant grace, kindness, love and wisdom that Mother Mary offers our hearts, and her incredibly relevant, practical and life-enhancing blessings.

Created by Alana, the Rosa Mystica program can be undertaken as an immersive spiritual retreat completing one module per day or per week, or over a longer period of time to allow for each module and its accompanying practice to integrate. The course is designed to empower and elevate your spiritual path and proficiency in manifesting higher energies.

Images of Rosa Mystica or Mother Mary in all her incarnations

Heal your heart and transform your life with Mother Mary 

14-modules of soul-inspiring healing and heart connection

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The Structure of the Rosa Mystica Program


Beloved, here’s a peek at the transformational magic that is Mother Mary.

Your Investment in the course


Your 14-module transformational Mother Mary healing journey costs USD $888. Payment plans are also available. 

No special prerequisites for study are required to complete the course. Whilst Alana’s Mother Mary Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle Journal and meditation albums, Mother Mary Meditations and Holy Sisters Meditations with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, can support your journey, they are not necessary to participate in the program. All essential learning materials are contained within the program itself and nothing in addition is required (except an open heart and open mind). A personalised electronic Certificate of Completion is emailed to you upon completing the program. 

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Welcome to Our Loving Community


All participants in the Rosa Mystica program are welcomed as members of our beautiful Community of the Sacred. Our community members include those who are exploring the Mother Mary course and other courses simply to enrich their own personal spiritual journey. Our community also includes professional practitioners of Alana’s modalities as well as those that prefer to practice the modalities for self-healing and for healing our planet.

Every member of our community brings their own unique light, warmth, love and spirituality to our sacred, spiritually-vitalised hub of divine presence and practice, where we work towards healing and awakening ourselves, each other and our planet, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Community membership is included in the cost of the course and can continue after the coursework is completed if desired at nominal additional cost.

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Heart Messages from Participants of Our Mother Mary Rosa Mystica Program


The Mother Mary healing program will guide you, open you and bring you closer to the soul-transforming divine. It will help you to see who you really are while you heal, grow and experience along your own, unique spiritual path of the Divine Feminine with wisdom and guidance channelled through Alana’s heart.

"Alana’s ability to channel pure pathways of healing and teach them in modern ways is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received."

Rena - Hawaii

"My eyes were opened to a truth of how destiny calls us, and a deepening in my heart with such connections and alignment to have such purpose in this world."

Karen - Canada

"This work is an unfolding journey of Divine grace, with healing benefits for all of Earth and her inhabitants."

Laura - Australia

"I have always loved Mother Mary and working with the Divine Feminine. Whilst engaging in Alana’s simple yet powerful healing practices I have experienced stunning synchronicities and healings, at the same time strengthening my belief in the miraculous workings of our Divine Mother. The practices in this course I will return to often. Rosa Mystica is a gift and a modern pathway I would recommend to anyone seeking to bring the Divine into their everyday life. Much love and gratitude to Alana and the work she delivers for our own healing and empowerment and the birthing of a more loving humanity."

Dianne - Australia

What’s Next?


Experience courses like the beautiful Rosa Mystica healing program are created to explore the energies that Alana works with and what our Community of the Sacred is all about. If, after completing the Mother Mary course, you’d like to explore more in-depth processes and materials, you may feel spiritually attracted to Alana’s modality courses, including The Kuan Yin Transmission™ online training and Saraswati Healing™ online training.


The Kuan Yin Transmission™ program provides guidance for in-depth divine feminine energy work with Our Five Enlightened Mothers – Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Tara and Kali. In the Saraswati Healing™ course you will connect to 54 divine beings, including angels and ascended masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mary Magdalene and other enlightened divine beings. 


Alana’s healing modalities are their own spiritual pathways, beginning with foundation level courses and progressing through more advanced levels. Healing modality training can be applied for self-healing only, or also for planetary healing and, if desired, professional accreditation. Alana’s modality courses guide you deeper into a unique, palpable divine practice designed to liberate and heal you and manifest light, grace, healing and divine assistance for all beings. Being part of the Community of the Sacred, where all these courses and programs take place, is exciting as the work is continually evolving and responding to the needs of humanity.


We invite you to share the journey with us. An exquisite divine pathway of spiritual freedom and inclusiveness is here, awaiting you and welcoming you. 

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Listen to your Heart

When the divine is calling your heart, we invite you to join us. Together we journey deeply into the Universal Heart for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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