We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of the lands where we live, work and travel. We acknowledge our Elders past present and emerging.


Join Alana Fairchild for spiritually-intimate online healer training in beautiful and unique modalities to heal yourself, others and our planet.

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Online Healer Training

Online training with Alana answers the deep heart calling to heal ourselves, and become a light to help heal all beings on our planet and beyond.

Kuan Yin Transmission

Become a living temple of the divine feminine, healing yourself, attracting grace and blessings in your life, whilst creating spiritual benefit for all beings.

Saraswati Healing

Create sacred space for soul liberation with lightwork and ceremonial magic, invoking Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses for the highest good.

Training Intensifies Sacred Fruition

Oracle decks, meditations, and books support your soul awakening, and training can take you it deeper.


Evolve and integrate your soul connection as you activate your healing channel.

Foundations, Advanced and Master Level Secret Teaching

The Kuan Yin Transmission and Saraswati Healing are two independent yet complementary healing modalities, offered in two distinct training courses channelled by inspired creatrix Alana Fairchild. Each course shares an intricate spiritual practice, training in the relevant healing modality and a potent process for soul awakening. Upon completion of foundations training, certification and advanced training options become available. 

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Tune into powerful enlightened spiritual energy currents for healing yourself, others and our planet.

Training for Transformation

Training with Alana is about so much more than a beautiful healing modality - it is about personal and spiritual transformation. The energy of her programs is palpable and profound, intended to stimulate and support your spiritual awakening.

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Express your authentic spiritual presence through contributing to global healing chains in our online healer community.

Embrace Your Healing Journey

When your heart speaks, listen. Join us.




"Alana has a gift for creating a pathway for the visionary soul that is inspiring to the heart and highly transformational. I see so many trainings that make promises yet lack deeper understanding of everyone’s unique journey. This is a sacred journey that keeps unfolding."


"I thought I knew what I was in for. It’s been more powerful than I expected it to be, especially so soon. I did a distance healing and got feedback on a profound shift from the person. I never imagined that could have happened, it was amazing! This work is powerful. All this beautiful stuff pours out. Wow, where did that come from? I feel held by the divine, so loved and supported, even when issues come up. It’s a beautiful place to live from, it’s quite incredible. I wish everyone could experience this!"


"Thank you so much Alana because after watching the video I had an emotional release, I could feel the support and love so strongly that is there for me and all of us to do this work. Your voice is one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, when you speak and when you sing. Everything you said helped me to trust and feel the support I was needing for this next step. So thank you! I adore you! Diving in .."


"It’s hard to find the words - this program is so different from any other training modality I have undertaken as it takes you beyond your conscious mind and into the space where you can receive the loving guidance and support that your soul desires. I experienced such profound insights and a sense that you are truly loved, protected and guided by the Universe. The community that has developed as a result of this training is so beautiful - highly supportive and helpful. If you have a stirring within your soul, without knowing why, go for it! I can assure you, it will be one of the best decisions for you and your soul."


"My journey through the course was in one word MAGICAL. I can’t even begin to explain the number of miraculous things in my life during this journey. It was truly a blessing way beyond my boldest imaginings. A rebirth of my soul and a gentle unravelling of the layers that were keeping me small."


"I just wanted to share the most incredible meditation ... it literally felt like my heart was cracking open, clearing away multiple layers and I began to cry. What a blessing and a gift, I am feeling very grateful, humble and thankful for this course. Talk about awakening the heart!"

New Zealand

"I no longer run and hide and feel afraid of the dark. This work is truly miraculous! I am so honoured and my heart is filled with gratitude and love as I learn and grow and uncover the light of my soul and share with all of you. Thank you! Bless you!"


"Absolutely everything you said on your video to us resonated profoundly. I love “we must be what we are and that is what brings us joy.” My gratitude to you for being all of who you are, as my spiritual teacher, is actually beyond words. The journey of all this is exquisite, deepening and expanding to assist me in fulfilling what I am here to do, my soul mission."


"How wonderful this course is. I honestly didn’t think learning to laugh and have spontaneous fun would be an important part of growing. So many beautiful surprises, words cannot express the love and gratitude for this incredible course."


"I already imagined feeling homesick when this course would be over and thought I’d have to send Alana an email asking for a continuing program because it isn’t possible that it ends here."


"The preparation I have had for this course has been nothing short of miraculous! In the weeks since I committed to the course, I have experienced deep and rapid soul clearing ... I am truly committing to my life’s purpose now with a sense of freedom and wholeness. Gratitude for all of your work."


"Choosing to work with Alana is the kindest gift I have ever given myself."


"I can only say how awesome the course is. The online element is the most flexible thing and has allowed me to be truly international working whenever and wherever I wanted. The admin angel is brilliant and if ever I had any query I know I can email her and it gets sorted. If this course is calling to you, step up for it. I can assure you that you won't regret it. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone ready to make the next step. It has been a beautiful and powerful transition."


"Since the moment I enrolled I’ve been experiencing life in a whole new way, almost in a whole new body as well! What a moving experience! I could literally feel the walls around my heart coming down (walls that I didn’t even know were there). I am so blessed to be here! Thank you for sharing this gift."


"This whole experience has already been so transformative and inspiring. It’s given me a new passion in my life and I feel such gratitude to have the tools and learning to leave behind a sad past and move forward to a brighter future. You rock my world!"


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Embrace Your Healing Journey

When your heart speaks, listen. Join us.


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