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Sacred Energy Healing Courses

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Online Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth Courses

You are invited to join our vibrant global Community of the Sacred for soul-nourishing energy healing and spiritual growth courses channelled by inspired creatrix, Alana Fairchild. Alana’s courses are for those who seek deeper understanding of themselves and life, who believe that there is a secret purpose for one’s life which can be found through connecting to the heart. They are for those who yearn to experience the divine beauty hidden beneath life’s mysteries and challenges, and who dare to open up to a vaster, wiser and more blessed experience of self, life and what is possible for humanity and our world.

The Kuan Yin Transmission™ is a 16-week foundations-level course professionally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. The course attunes you energetically to Our Five Enlightened Mothers – Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Tara and Kali. 

Be initiated into the sacred practices of these Divine Feminine beings to generate healing with voice, hands and heart. You will join renowned spiritual thought leader and modern mystic, Alana Fairchild as together you experience, generate and channel divine energy from the heart.

Our Kuan Yin Transmission™ program provides potent spiritual practices, training in healing modality techniques, deep spiritual discussions and hosted group forums to support soul awakening. 

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The Saraswati Healing™ program is a 16-week foundations-level course professionally recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. The Saraswati Healing™ modality has been created to nurture your soul with an unconditionally loving spiritual consciousness that evokes deep healing at a soul level. Channelled and supported by Alana Fairchild and her team, in this sacred space you are encouraged to embrace your soul connection and inner playfulness to let your light shine for the spiritual benefit of all beings. 


The Saraswati Healing™ energy healing course is an intricate spiritual program offering healing modality techniques, spiritually supportive connections and hosted group forums created to embrace ancient wisdom and modern methodologies.

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Upon completion of your foundations training, intermediate and advanced training options become unlocked. Advancing through the programs opens your soul to further spiritual empowerment and maturity. Building upon the divine connection to Self and the Enlightened Divine Beings arising from your foundations-level training, you are ready to go deeper, challenging yourself to truly see, love and honour yourself whilst expanding your spiritual capacity for working with energy through advanced integrative deity practices.


Intermediate and advanced programs are invitation only. To protect and ready you for participation in higher study, you must have completed the prerequisite foundations-level training, as we journey spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to the next level of exploration and practice.

"Love and hope generate courage and resilience. Resilience creates the strength for sacred swagger, which is the confidence to be fully, strangely, beautifully and uniquely yourself."

- Alana Fairchild

Who Are We?

Alana Fairchild’s Community of the Sacred is an unmatched combination of divine sanctuary, spiritual bootcamp and cosmic campfire, attracting, supporting and empowering a diverse global community of free-spirited spiritual seekers united in our passion for the sacred. 

We understand that ancient wisdom holds medicinal magic for modern times. And we embrace an open, inclusive heart-centred spirituality founded in healing, empowerment and embodiment of love, inspiration, spiritual energy, courage, authenticity, playfulness and wisdom in everyday life. We honour, channel and cultivate the sacred for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

At the heart of our community are our programs which provide supportive forums and practical pathways to explore creative spiritual teachings channelled by spiritual thought leader and inspired creatrix, Alana Fairchild. Each of these courses offer those seekers the chance to immerse themselves into unique and potent healing modalities created to heal self, humanity and our planet. 

Our programs contain a vast array of teachings, all of which are accessible and relevant in the modern context, whilst simultaneously tapping into the timelessness and unspeakable power that arises through direct experience of the spiritual dimensions. 

We invite you, beloved, to join our community, our work and our lives as we devote ourselves to awakening the beauty of the sacred in every heart. 

Meet Alana

Alana Fairchild is a rare teacher who embodies her free-spirited, loving and empowering teachings. Alana communicates from a place of authentic being and considerable experience, making esoteric wisdom accessible and relevant for modern humans. She will teach you how to connect to the heart, discover your joy and your strength, and learn to love and celebrate your authentic self, whilst maturing spiritually.


Through lessons of her own spiritual journey, she has created over 22 oracle decks, numerous deep-learning courses, 13 books and 30 albums of music and meditation. Her considerable body of work continues to touch and heal many souls across the globe.


Alana’s work has been translated into more than 11 languages, helping to share her message of universal love, soul empowerment, playful freedom and generous compassion, catalysing a movement of Divine Feminine awakening.

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Consult Alana's Online Oracle

Embrace self-reflection and receive your own soul guidance with Alana’s Online Oracle. 

Consult Alana’s Online Oracle

"Spiritual unity allows us to embrace diversity fearlessly and joyfully, with respect, curiosity and compassion, inspiring humanity to love each other and generate a world that is a better home for all beings."

- Alana Fairchild

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