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Spiritual Secrets of Venus

Goddess of Spiritual Radiance

Spiritual radiance refers to the light within matter that has awakened. Mystics speak of all things becoming radiant with spiritual light when the inner eye is awakened. I have had a number of experiences of this which I have written about in my books. From being led by a mysteriously appearing and disappearing dog to a sacred Aboriginal site to seeing the divine emanate completely as a little Scottie dog outside of a supermarket one day, I was being taught a beautiful and funny truth – God and Dog are unconditional love manifesting. 

When we see with the inner eye, instead of matter being an unconscious ‘thing’, it is experienced as an expression of a living light and loving intelligence. 

“The Earth is not a soulless object spinning in the sky, but a living spiritual Buddha Mother, an emanation of creative diversity, equanimity and divine feminine wisdom.

Venus too has her spiritual personality and purpose and we can be called to work with her energetically, to learn her spiritual teachings, at a certain point on our soul journey. This is typically when we are making conscious connection with the divine feminine. 

The Venusian Energies

We can work consciously and intentionally with Venusian energy at any time. The Universe does give us a ‘sacred shove’ to do so during Venus retrogrades especially.

Astrologers typically expect questions regarding relationships and finances arise to arise when focusing on Venus. This can be valuable material for reflection and positive changes can emerge through a Venus retrograde, or any time we are consciously attempting to embody more spiritual radiance (the hallmark of Venus as the morning and evening star gives us a hint as to her spiritual purpose). 

In all healing journeys things sometimes seem to get worse before they get better. What is usually happening is that we are paying attention and dealing with things – they may not be worse, but they become more obvious. This is the essential step towards healing change. If we don’t realise or acknowledge an issue, no change will occur. 

This is why toxic relationships, where one or both parties refuse to acknowledge an issue and/or work towards healing will eventually feel like deadweight in your soul. The soul needs to not only see truth, but to move with it, to live by it. Otherwise it is like getting stuck in dried up mud, rather than using that mud to nourish life.   

There is a soul level quality of Venus that resonates spiritually with the heart chakra, can create some life-changing potential for healing issues to do with the divine feminine at a deeper level. Sometimes those issues may have plagued us for decades (or lifetimes). 

“Venus aligns well with creativity and soul expression – so setting an intention for healing and then expressing yourself openly through dance, music, art or creativity such as poetry, writing, making an altar or journaling can help access her luminosity. Venus retrograde, or any consciously chosen exploration of how the divine feminine can thrive in your life, can become a soul healing retreat through conscious creativity.”


Venus relates to all matters of the feminine including the body, beauty and image, love, relationships and abundance of all kinds, as well as intuitive wisdom, mother and mothering issues, sisters and significant women (or other important people in your life that hold a strong connection to the feminine energy of relationship, intuition, feeling and embodiment). 

If we don’t fear the healing wave that will arise when we set intention to heal (in an astrological retrograde phase or whenever we feel ready at a soul level to confront a challenge), then we can actually hitch a cosmic ride to make progress on our path, allowing it to carry us. 

The Taoist understanding that ‘the way forwards sometimes looks as though it moves backwards’ helps us drop the linear definition of process and embrace the reality of soul healing and spiritual awakening, which is bendy, squiggly, spiralling and let’s face it, kind of an unpredictable dance of divine genius.

Creative Magic in the Number 3

My astrology teacher taught me that when the Universe really wants to get your attention it will show you something three times. There’s creative magic in the number three – the masculine number one and the feminine number two combine to create the divine creativity of a child in number three. 

The three is the number representing cosmic guardianship, the enlightened spiritual watchers over humanity (sometimes called ascended masters), and is associated with the complicated, and beloved, trickster god presiding over crossroads, spiritual communication and thresholds, Elegua, from the rich African spiritual tradition of Yoruba. Three is playful, spiritual, connecting and creative. It is a number of fruition, fun and also choices and sometimes confusion about which choices to make, which will eventually become clarity.

Every human will go through a series of major astrological transits throughout our lifetime. These are a bit like astro-medicinal tonics doled out by the Universe. Each transit has three hits or doses. The soul healing journey tends to operate in a similar way with three phases. 

The first stage sets the scene and tends to mess things up – or at least, we become very aware of the mess that requires our attention. 

The second phase really gets in deep to muck around with raw materials and push for us to realise the intended lesson. Instead of just seeing the mess, we start to understand how we are involved in it and what could heal and evolve within us to bring about a different outcome. We tend to have an ah-ha realisation moment around this stage. 

The third and final phase is the application of the learning through integration of the lessons. This is this time we become capable of bringing fruition to the process in a meaningful way. It is the time to bring forth that juicy inner work and apply it as artfully, instinctively, playfully, beautifully and bravely in your life as you dare. We have figured out what is needed and get to work in living it as best we can. The confusion evolves into clarity.

The path towards clarity can take a while if you are doing rich soul-transforming work. Old patterns need to be challenged and there can be complex interactions within your own belief systems that may need to be deconstructed before you can feel the confidence and freedom you need to take the next steps on your soul journey. Whilst this can be an exciting time, if your process has been met with obstacle after obstacle, then you may feel a sense of tiredness, frustration or even despair.

How to Heal Soul Fatigue

Sometimes the soul can feel worn out, dried out and broken, in need of replenishment and revitalisation. There are emotional signs when this is happening – feeling anger, hate, frustration, resentment and also anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and overwhelm recurring regularly is a sign. This is especially the case if you know that you are typically a compassionate, giving, peace-loving person.  

“When there is soul fatigue there can be reluctance to want to deal with the healing process. It might feel like we are on a path of never-ending work with minimal results. We can understandably want to be ‘done with it’ and move on. Fatigue is not a sign to give up, but a sign to change approach.

Often this will entail setting boundaries. That may need to happen with certain people or situations. It may need to happen with our own internal mechanisms, where we learn to witness and steady our attitudes, check in with ourselves to be gentle with mind and body, and reflect upon the many options available to us when we remember that we are actually empowered and creative beings. We take time to nourish and nurture the soul. We give back to fill the well within. We learn to find joy and contentment in the moment without abandoning the sacred process of spiritual progress, whatever that may be for us.

By this stage on the spiritual path, we all know that until the inner work is embraced, and processed, there is no moving on available. Even the most adept avoidant personality will encounter the same issues recurring through new players. We cannot escape what we need to learn. We can only avoid it for so long. 

And so, the return of Mercury, or other cosmic clowning trickster types of divine intelligence, roll around and pull the proverbial rug out from under us now and then. If we have been knowingly or unknowingly avoiding something, suddenly we cannot do so anymore. We are pushed to pay closer attention, get our spiritual ducks (squirrels, cheetahs, choose your spirit animal) in a row and remain real about where we are at and how we are going to continue to work through what is happening at a soul level.

When we find the love in the healing, then the process itself (even when difficult) becomes an expression of love, rather than a demand upon us. Often it is through connection with the feminine that we are able to access that all embracing love and experience the challenges as encouragements to grow, to become more conscious, to believe in ourselves and have courage to move towards our destiny.

Freya Fridays and The Sacred Feminine Master Number of 13

Whilst every day is sacred to the divine feminine, for she is manifest life, on Friday the 13th we have an opportunity to get amongst it with the divine mother in a particularly powerful and sacredly rebellious way. 

Friday is the day dedicated to Freya and Venus, so every Friday is a chance for sacred celebration of the feminine in a spiritual capacity. I have long held that 13 is the master number of the sacred feminine. When Friday and 13 combine we have the opportunity to revel in ultra-feminine energy. Recognising the superstition and fear of Friday 13 as being an expression of subconscious fear of the feminine can help us return her – and this day – to her rightful place of honour. 

The frequency of 13 resonates with the occult teachings of the sacred feminine. We have the 13 moon calendar utilised within cultures such as the Indigenous American Cherokee and in Ethiopia, to the 13 baktuns of the Mayan Long Count Calendar (each baktun consisting of 144,000 days, a number recognised as sacred in religious and spiritual teachings through diverse groups). We honour Mary Magdalene as the 13th apostle. The number 13  relates to the planetary dance between Venus, Earth and the Sun (creating 5 petals, over 8 cycles, for a total of 13). 

Each Friday 13th is an opportunity to more deeply connect with an ancient and yet enduring wisdom of wild feminine (ir)reverence. In days gone by, these were days of eroticism in sacred context, a conscious reconnection to the experience of aliveness and creativity. To embrace life as a facet of soul making and therefore potential spiritual awakening is feminine wisdom. The more our soul heals and grows strong, the more capable we become of seeing, feeling, knowing and loving the divine beauty of spiritual love, compassion, light and grace. Some traditions are certainly worth preserving, wouldn’t you agree?

Considering the wildness, freedom and joyfulness inherent in spiritual liberation, which cannot be controlled for political agenda or profit, it is not particularly surprising that these spiritually powerful days were subverted by fear-driven propaganda. The potentially liberating current generated and celebrated on such days was suppressed via misinformation, superstition, mockery and threats of spiritual condemnation. 

Times may have changed, but the means of attempting to oppress the spiritual freedom of humanity remains the same. Fortunately for us, this dearth of inspired creativity allows us to grow some spiritual street-smarts, realising the tricks and learning how to operate beyond them.  It is within our power, our freewill and our spiritual birthright to claim and consecrate the feminine, for the wellbeing of the soul, and the beautiful creativity that a healthy soul will share with the world.

The Spiritual Significance of Venus

In mythology Venus is a complex goddess. There is more to her than sweet nectar. Her presence can evoke challenge – but these are the challenges of growing into one’s empowerment and fullness as a soul.  The spiritual significance of Venus really shines in the context of the soul. Her esoteric purpose as the planetary intelligence of love seeks sublime expression in the human soul which in turn creates spiritual advancement. 

“Considered a spiritual sister to our Earth mother, Venus holds the frequencies of love that our planet – and precious humans – can utilise to spiritually ascend, affecting transformation and awakening at a mass level. Because she relates to the feminine – and therefore also the body and our physical lives. Venus supports embodied spirituality that creates genuine healing effect, and uplifts us from fear into higher vibrational being on every level.”

Venus weaves her cosmic dance around our Sun with every 13 Venusian years equating to approximately 8 Earthly years. Every 8 years, in relationship to the Earth, she articulates a 5-petalled pentagram, often called the Rose of Venus, through our skies. She is dancing a cosmic feminine blessing of the rose around the Earth. 

The rose is a symbol sacred to Venus, Mother Mary and her Rosary, and the Goddess Isis.  I feel that these three beings are expressions of the one divine feminine consciousness which I explore in more depth in The Kuan Yin Transmission book, course and multi-album. The rose is a symbol of love as the great power of our Universe, a treasure beyond compare. Venus has a spiritually golden quality about her – she offers abundance, beauty, protection and upliftment.

Learning to Love Humanity

I had a ‘Venus moment’ recently when reading an article that chronicled the suppression of an interview with the brilliant writer James Baldwin. The devastating comment as to why the interview never made it air referred to his sexuality and his race as being sufficient reason to ignore him. The commentary on the article included remarks expressing painful despair for the state of humanity because of this refusal to print the interview at the time. This is an understandable reaction but one that forgets James Baldwin lived a human life of tremendous courage, intelligence, creativity and insight. 

The image that immediately followed on my social media feed depicted a man holding a large white swan in his arms, the body of the swan resting against his chest, and the swan’s long white neck curled elegantly around the man’s neck, and the swan’s head resting upon the man’s shoulders. The story that accompanied the image explained that the man had rescued the swan from entanglement in a net. He said that he could feel the creature’s heart beat against his chest and expressed a sense of deep honour at being trusted so completely by an animal.  As I read that, I experienced an uplifting sense of what is possible for human beings.

“Anti-human sentiment appears to be increasing. I believe this is because we are grappling with our immaturity as a species and trying to grow. Whilst seeing where our consciousness is severely stunted is important (for as James Baldwin put it, ‘not everything that’s faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it’s faced’), we need to find a way to be honest about our fear-driven woundedness without collapsing into species self-hatred. Why? Because without love, genuine healing will not occur. I understand why hatred arises, but if we get stuck there, it undermines rather than empowers the transformation process.”

Venus is the quality of love that lifts and guides humanity towards our spiritual potential. When we connect with the divine feminine, we are honouring our capacity for growth, for healing, for rebirth and evolution. It is absolutely possible to feel remorse and simultaneously cultivate the self-love needed to heal and grow. Venus supports this soul awakening process, infusing the subtle body of our planet and her creatures with radiant spiritual energy of a higher vibration. 

“Venus graciously embodies prolonged experience of light and dark, demonstrating spiritual endurance and equanimity. Hundreds of Earthly days pass before the cycle of one Venusian day transforms to night. Venus can steady us, helping us to realise our spiritual strength and supporting our ability to move through the uncertainty of darkness necessary for us to further embody the light. She can nourish the soul of humanity to truly become humankind.”

Soul Healing Venus Ritual with Oracle

Rumi wrote, “I shine like Venus,” and so too can our own souls. 

A simple ritual to embrace the radiant love of Venus and support your soul journey is to focus on what evokes gratitude for you. Feel your heart come alive with love and simple appreciation. 

Then speak from your heart to the Universe as if you were talking with your best friend, and ask for blessings for yourself, for all beings, according to the greatest wisdom, compassion and love. That should be plenty for you to pull in what you need at a soul level and generate benefit for all beings. 

If you want to add a meditation, dance or oracle card reading – or all three – go for it. You could choose three oracle cards if you wish – one card for stage one of your soul healing described above, another for stage two and finally one for the third integration stage, to help you understand what the Universe is asking of you spiritually so that you can heal. 

This process can be done at any time to help you move more deeply into connection with your soul. 

What’s next for your soul?

What is your soul conjuring, dear one? Where can your healing journey be fully embraced to lead you into more fulfilment and joy? May your path be beautiful and truly worthy of your innate divine nature. May you believe and be blessed, to manifest your highest destiny.

We celebrate the wisdom of Venus in the Kuan Yin Transmission and she also finds her way into connection with our Beloved Mother Mary in the Rosa Mystica self-paced exploration course. These courses are just some of the offerings in our Community of the Sacred, where you will find a warm, wise and welcoming group of humans who honour individuality and connection, and are working together to bring spiritual benefit to our planet. 

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